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Volleyball Sand Kits - Court Line AnchorsPrice $12.00Court Line Anchors

Why go through the hassle of hunting up four beer cans or trying to keep your grass stakes buried in the sand. With almost 16 square inches of holding power per anchor, and elastic shock cords, these line anchors will keep your court lines - in line. They have rounded corners and edges for your comfort and safety.

They come four to a set, two with labels, and two without. Put the labeled ones on the right corners, so you can tell at a glance which corner is which, next time you roll them out. The standard ones, loop tied on as shown in the picture, are intended to be left on the lines. If you switch from sand to grass, or do not like winding up the anchors, the anchors with clips are for you.

Anchors with Clips + $2.00

Volleyball Sand Kits - Guy Line Sand AnchorsPrice $35.00Guy Line Sand Anchors - OUT OF STOCK

Grass Stakes do not work in the sand, unless you have some mighty big stakes. The most practical way to set up your portable volleyball net on the beach, is with these virtually indestructable polycarbonate Guy Anchors. Each anchor has over 60 square inches of surface area, plenty of holding power for heavy duty steel cabled net systems.

The high visability webbing is long enough to let you bury the anchors up two feet deep. (18 inches has always been deep enough for the steel cable netted WES Sandmaster System, even in loose dry sand.) The web attached to the end of the anchor has a wrist loop. When is time to pack up, you do not have to dig your anchors out, they can be pulled out.

The Snap Link hooks to the end of your guy lines. Many net systems have steel rings that the stakes go through. Your system may have another method. Check to see if the Snap Link will work with your system before ordering. If not, we can custom build Guy Anchors or Guy Sets with: anchors, lines and tensioning devices, to suit your needs.

The anchors are curved so that they will fit comfortably in the bottom of a net bag. The curved shape also makes them pretty effective to use as a shovel to dig in with. These anchors come with a two year warranty.

Guy Line Sand Anchors - Set of 4